Dr. June's Creative Writing Workshops in Jerusalem


Why Join?

The highly successful creative writing workshop I began in Jerusalem in 2012 is more accessible than ever! Now online, it is open to native English speakers wherever you may live. My workshop is a perfect place to get the inspiration and guidance you need to write chapters of the novel you dreamed of, to compose episodes of your memoir or those stories lying deep inside of you waiting to come out. Mind you. Coming out, does not necessarily mean to publish.

If I join, will I get published?

No promises. For many who attend my creative writing workshop, publishing is not a goal. The workshop venue provides a snug place where you can present a piece you have just written and actually discover that the members of the group are excited to read it and to discuss it. No matter how loving a family you might have how often has your husband, or sister or son or daughter or grandchild, pushed you to use your creative juices to write?

What if I am shy?

Unlike most creative writing workshops online with numerous participants, I keep the group small and snug. You may actually discover that the workshop is a warm and nurturing social group for you.

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