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Weekly sessions / 8 weeks running / 1100 NIS

If you talk to yourself and say any one of these things below, my online creative writing workshop is for you:

  • I have the urge to write but I can’t figure out exactly what to write.
  • I feel a memoir growing in me but I can’t figure out where to nurture it.
  • Writing is too lonesome and who is going to read what I wrote?
  • Truthfully none of my friends or family encourages me to write. Oh I wrote a story once. I had to beg my spouse to read it.
  • It is really hard to get published. So why bother?


Now the highly successful creative writing workshop I began in Jerusalem in 2012 is more accessible than ever! Online, it is a perfect place to get the inspiration and guidance you need to write those stories lying deep inside of you waiting to come out.

Certainly, without joining a writing workshop, you can compose stories or tales about your life. Look at Ernest Hemingway. But wait. He isn’t living nowadays when millions are vying for attention on social media with hordes of humans rivaling to get read. In my creative writing group, you get the absolute attention of our members and immediate constructive feedback. From me, every time you submit, you get a lengthy review of your piece. Your story will be the highlight of a lively discussion as if you were already a famous author. You will truly get inspired as your stories receive the input you deserve. Being part of a small group under the guidance of an author and educator, chances are you will learn to write more skillfully than on your own.

If I join, will I get published?

No promises. For many who attend my creative writing workshop, publishing is not a goal. The workshop venue provides a snug place where you can present a piece you have just written and actually discover that the members of the group are excited to read it and to discuss it. No matter how loving a family you might have how often has your husband, or sister or son or daughter or grandchild, pushed you to use your creative juices to write?

What if I am shy?

Unlike most creative writing workshops online with numerous participants, I keep the group small and snug. You may actually discover that the workshop is a warm and nurturing social group for you.

What are your qualifications to lead this creative writing workshop?

I am first and foremost an educator and a freelance writer. I was formerly adjunct professor in the Overseas Students Program at Ben Gurion University and still am a writing teacher with classes and workshops in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York and online. My publications include fiction, memoir, chapters in anthologies on literature, articles and essays and books like The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka, (Oxford, 2012) and Esoteric Symbols: the Tarot in Yeats, Eliot and Kafka, (University Press of America, 2007), as well as Flight to Seven Swan Bay (Feldheim, 1985) a novel for young adults that was reissued by Feldheim in 2012 as a classic for young readers.

in Jerusalem


Weekly sessions / 8 weeks running / 1100 NIS



I regard June as remarkably insightful and adept at critiquing creative fiction and non-fiction, resulting in giant steps forward in the quality of the writings submitted to her. And by the way, she’s a lovely, caring person, very easy and fun to work with.
-Jeff Kimchi, Emeritus Professor of Life Sciences, Hebrew University
I worked with June Leavitt, meeting with her every two weeks for about a year on two projects.  The first was a historical novel that I have worked on and off for many years.  June worked with me on the first nine or ten chapters helping me to put feeling and personality into my characters and to strengthen altogether the narrative.   We also worked on a short story that I began decades ago and then put aside for many years.  June helped to understand why the story was important to me and to find a way to express in the story itself.  The story became transformed into a story with much more feeling and with much stronger writing. I believe that my work with June had a strong impact on my ability as a writer.
– Ben Dansker, Head of Planning, Process, and Archive, Mandel Foundation, Israel