Because we often focus on the darker side of things and the bad in our lives, psychologists, healers and health workers recommend keeping a gratitude journal. Writing down a few times a week what we are grateful for affirms the good in our lives and makes us more optimistic and positive.

But what is Gratitude Journal In Depth™

It is a way of journaling I have developed where we learn how to write about our experiences so that we gain insight and wisdom into our lives and relationships.

A deeper gratitude is born within us as we gain insight into the experiences that have shaped us.

A deeper appreciation is born within us when we begin to write from that deeper sense of ourselves

A deeper gratitude is born as we become more intimate with ourselves and journal about this in special ways.

Why enroll in a Gratitude Journal Camp to do this?

· This one day online camp, will prepare you to keep a Gratitude Journal on your own that is deeper and more extensive than only listing what is good in your life.

· Being with others in a small and intimate group creates an energetic atmosphere of mutual purpose.

· With others, you will learn to reflect and write upon your own personal history, cycles in your lives and your relationships with people important to you. Whoever so desires can share.

· The writing exercises I give are aimed at bringing you closer to the very source of gratitude–an appreciation of the experiences you have lived and the people who have been and are now part of your life’s journey.


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