How Dr. June Writing Guru Works

I began calling myself Dr. June after getting my PhD in literature at the age of 60.  I’ve got white hair and so many wrinkles that some days I don’t look in the mirror. I’ve got so many experiences under my belt, my midriff is growing. I’ve known some literary success and a great deal of failure. I have learned to look inside for spiritual guidance and don’t get answers all the time. When I read, I want to be stirred to my depths with higher emotions. When I write, I try to draw from my deepest mind and soul. I don’t often succeed but I love the word soul.  I often have to do spiritual practices to remind myself that I don’t need fame, wealth, prestige and power. I believe that the act of writing and even failing at it can spur wisdom and insight. I believe words written from the depths can open our hearts, raise our minds. You see, at heart, I am an educator, and a writer. For years now, I have mentored and taught aspiring writers eye to eye. In the wake of Corona, I am also teaching and mentoring online.