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Why a Writing Guru?

A guru, in the good sense of the word is a teacher who helps guide a human being on a particular path in life so that that person can become more aware of his/her own powerful capabilities. The way I help guide people on their path is through the art of writing.

I believe that written words have power. I know how writing words can lead to moments of inner truth and clarity. I have witnessed how through writing we can illuminate emotions hidden in our lives. It can be the greatest joy to do this with others in workshops.


Creative Writing Workshop in Jerusalem and Online

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If any of these are true, my online creative writing workshop might be for you.
I have the urge to write but I can’t figure out exactly what to write.
I feel a memoir growing in me but I can’t figure out where to nurture it.
Writing is too lonesome and who is going to read what I wrote?
Truthfully none of my friends or family encourages me to write. Oh I wrote a story once. I had to beg my spouse to read it.It is really hard to get published. So why bother?    Learn More

Wednesday Widows Writing Club

Widows Writing
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We widows get tired of talking to the four walls or to ourselves. Even if we have kids and grandkids, we do not have our mates. Lots of times, we have no one to say good morning to and no one to unload to at night. We are on our own in every way imaginable. Even if we write in diaries about our loss, pain and our hopes, we can feel too lonesome. Wednesday Widows’ Writing Club is a small and intimate online widows support group for members only.             Learn More


Gratitude Journal In Depth Camp

gratitude hp
Credit: Avi Chomotovski

Did you ever have an amazing experience and you knew this was joy? Your heart opens. Your mind expands and you understand that life is good and wonderful and you never want this experience to be over. You understand it is a true gift. This is gratitude.

Now have an amazing experience with Gratitude Journal Camp In Depth™.  Learn More