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Why a Writing Guru?

A guru, in the good sense of the word is a teacher who helps guide a human being on a particular path in life so that that person can become more aware of his/her own powerful capabilities. The way I help guide people on their path is through the art of writing.

I believe that written words have power. I know how writing words can lead to moments of inner truth and clarity. I have witnessed how through writing we can illuminate emotions hidden in our lives. It can be the greatest joy to do this with others in workshops.


Writing Workshop in Jerusalem And Online


For years, I have been teaching creative writing classes and leading workshops for aspiring writers. My goal is to help people better express that book they say they have inside and those stories waiting to come out.

Now the writing workshop I began in Jerusalem in 2012 for aspiring writers of fiction and memoir is online!  My Online Writing Workshop is open to native English speakers with a creative urge.

Why join?

Unlike most online writing workshops with numerous participants, I keep the group small and snug. Here is the ideal place to share a story or personal essay you have written. You may actually discover that the members of the group are excited to read and to discuss it.


Wednesday Widows Writing Club

Widows Writing

Wednesday Widows’ Writing Club  is a small and intimate online widows support group for members only. Be on your own, supported by other women who have lost their spouses. You can take part in a writing group tailored for women and taught by a woman who is likewise challenged. Become a member of this genuine online community where widows go beyond grief through writing therapy.

As a retired adjunct professor and published author now recently widowed, I guide the group through intriguing writing exercises that will help us all express our impulse for life in all its grandeur and all its pains. Based on decades of my teaching literature, I moderate discussions on excerpts from well-known authors on the meaning of being alone, the dimensions of love, the experience of loss and the desire for beginning a new journey in life.


One Day Intensive: Gratitude Journal In Depth

Onliine Workshop

All creative souls who want to become more intimate with their own experiences can gain much from this introductory workshop. We will learn to perceive our lives in different timeframes, by way of various journaling techniques.