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A guru, in the good sense of the word is a teacher who helps guide a human being on a particular path in life so that that person can become more aware of his/her own powerful capabilities. The way I help guide people on their path is through the art of writing.

Long ago, psalmists composed their works from the profound belief that words had power. Even just for a moment on the perilous path, they believed their words could lead to moments of inner truth and clarity. Although the psalmists, after attaining joy through constructing words, might plunge again into sadness, confusion and despair, the writing tool would be in their hands again.

Granted, few of us are composing psalms today. We prefer memoir, fiction, non-fiction, diaries and short stories and crave to get published quickly. Yet we should keep in mind that written words can illuminate profound emotions hidden in our lives and in the lives of those we write about whether we publish or not. No matter what genre we express ourselves in and its outcome, we can increase our understanding of being human in a world we cannot understand.

Rather than merely transcribing the confusion of our experiences and mimicking the hectic contradictions we read in contemporary literature, we can earnestly seek and find inner meaning in what we write. My dream is to help restore literature to this deeper purpose.


How I work


I lead Creative Writing Workshops for all those who have a vision of a novel, memoir, or endless streams of stories, imagined or factual, lying deep inside waiting to come out.   Read more

“Reflective Journaling: Revealing Your Path” Workshop online

A way of journaling that brings us closer to our inner reality, our core, that soul of ours within that meanders through life. By doing special exercises that will guide you in this process, perhaps you will reveal your path.

Next Session Wednesday Oct. 28th, EST 9:30-2:30 pm   Read more

Literary and Editorial Services

Dev EditDevelopmental Editing: I take on special projects when I am excited by them as a developmental editor.  This means checking the heart of your work to see if it beats. The work may be a book, an article, a personal essay, short story or chapters of a work of fiction or memoir in progress. I write detailed reviews, segment by segment.  Read more

Assisted Memoir: For anyone who has stalled out in the middle of his/her real life story.  Do not let the memoir you started, or the chapters you’ve written turn into a ghost! Maybe we can breathe life into your manuscript together.  Read more

Personal History: When a project truly excites me, I will help create your Memoir or Personal History. This means doing meticulous research, conducting hours of interviews, studying photos and letters you provide. Read more